Thrive Plus

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Thrive Plus

Pre and Probiotic Supplement GI Support Intestinal Blend

  • Supports improved nutrient absorption
  • Assists in maintaining the natural balance of healthy intestinal flora
  • Helps maintain healthy levels of Candida
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Supports healthy immune function

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60 Servings / 1 Capsule Per Serving
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Product Overview

Take your gut health and overall sense of well being to the next level with THRIVE Biotic: a pre and probiotic supplement with billions of premium grade live cultures.

Our bodies are comprised of various levels of good and bad bacteria… obviously, you want - and NEED - the good kind. Our pre and probiotic supplement helps to populate your body with good bacteria.

THRIVE Biotic supports your digestive system, improves regularity, supports healthy weight loss, supports a healthy immune function, supports improved nutrient absorption, and much more.

How to Use

Take 1-3 capsules of THRIVE Biotic a day with water preferably at night before bedtime. Start with one capsule of this pre and probiotic supplement for the first few days and increase dosage if needed.

Premium Grade Ingredients
Gluten Free
Naturally Derived Ingredients
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